San Francisco @ Dallas

Network: FOX
Announcers: Kenny Albert, Tim Green
Format: DVD (3 disks)
Quality: 8.75 (Converted Cable LP/VHS Master)
Notes: Commercials edited out... Includes halftime... Includes most of ESPN's NFL Primetime.

Game Notes

Charlie Garner carries the 49ers to a 41-24 win over the Cowboys, but unfortunately his effort is over-shadowed by the actions of a self-centered, mental midget jackass needing to put himself front and center.

Unfortunately, George Teague's hit on the asshole after his 2nd stunt, didn't severe the idiot's spinal cord, so the pile of shit could spend the rest of his life wallowing in his own shit.

Garner rushes for a San Francisco-record 201 yards and 1 TD. Jerry Rice catches a pair of TD passes from Jeff Garcia.