Classic Sports Games on Video
The Matt Abrigg Warning

I've created this page as a warning to anyone who might stumble upon Matt
 Abrigg's web site "Classic Sports Games on Video", also known as Sports 
Videos for trade or sale.

The reason I've done this is I've had too many sports tape collectors e-mail 
me or post messages on tape trading boards after they have been ripped off by 
Matt Abrigg (

Over the last few years, I would say that the number of people who have stated 
they were ripped off by Matt Abrigg has to exceed 100. And probably others who 
never found a public forum to announce they were ripped off by Matt Abrigg.

Seemingly, the theory is if he can get every person interested in Sports Games 
on Tape to trade him 3-5 games or pay him for 3-5 games before they find out 
he's a scam then he comes out ahead even if people don't ever do business with 
him again.

Several people I know have been warned about Matt Abrigg and went ahead and 
sent him tapes or money because Matt Abrigg assured them he wasn't a bad 
trader and that he had an incorrectly bad reputation.... These same people 
later came back to public forums and admitted they were fooled because he got 
his money or tapes from them, and they got nothing in return, or what they got 
in return was often washed out, poor quality tapes.

If you stumble upon Matt Abrigg's "Classic Sports Games on Video" web site, or 
are approached by Matt Abrigg ( after you've posted your 
looking for some game tape, and are still considering striking a deal with 
him. Please let me suggest visiting one of these Tape Trading Message boards 
and ask others about Matt Abrigg experiences.

This warning is for anyone searching the Internet looking to trade or purchase 
old game broadcasts of sporting events, seeking "Classic Sports Games on 
Video", looking for Sports Games on Tape for Trade or Sell. Or seeking 
information about Matt Abrigg.

If it saves you time, tapes or money then it is worth it.